Service Specials

469 Cycle Shop always has specials, but we try our best to be fair on everything we do! That's why we have two separate labor rates. If we are doing standard service we charge $50 an hour, but when we have to do repairs we still have a very low rate of $65 an hour. So no matter what we do you always get the best deal at The Cycle Shop!

What We Service

Here at 469 Cycle Shop we have worked on all types of units. Now, with over 17 years service on all types of repair, we are only working on cruiser motorcycles. We will change tires on almost anything, but we are putting all efforts towards the cruiser community. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and will help you to the best of our ability to find someone to repair your unit.

Tire Deals

469 Cycle Shop has always been the best place to buy tires. We sell tires less than anyone! Internet or dealer! Our tires prices are the most competitive. We buy so many tires that it gets you the best deal anywhere! Give us a call. We dare you to compare.

469 service

Oil and Filter Change


469 Cycle Shop
10433 Paulding Rd.
New Haven, IN

Service Description

Protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly with regular oil changes as specified by your manufacturer. Oil lubricates, cools, and cleans your engine. An oil and filter change is an easy, affordable way to maintain your vehicle and keep it on the road and running longer.

*parts additional